TSC Circular ECOsystem

This is rubbish. There is far too much waste in the world, majority of it ending up in our oceans. Before you buy yourself something made from virgin materials - ask yourself - where is this item going to be in 5 years? 10 years? Making conscious choices as a consumer includes trying to keep new, wasteful production from happening - and ensuring you're utilising a material that already exists in the world.

But what about when you're done with it?

Part of what we stand for at The Someday Co. is ensuring we are not only helping to remove plastic from the ocean through our charity partnerships, the brands we support, education, and the practices we implement - but also ensuring these items don't exit the cycle unnecessarily - which is why you can send back recycled material items to us for free, for us to get them back to their original source for recycling over and over again. 

Here's how it all works...


You can read more about the organisations we support here, read our story here, and take a look at our progressive and inspirational brands here.

Want to know more? We're always keen to hear from consumers who are passionate about this subject and want to get involved. Get in touch - hello@thesomedayco.com