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What is Sustainable Swimwear?

When something is sustainable, it means it can be maintained at a certain level. When it comes to swimwear (and apparel) - this means producing goods using renewable or readily-available sources, not virgin materials that need to be created from scratch. Using recycled waste that would otherwise end up in landfill means far less new materials used in production, less waste in landfill (and our oceans!) - and it means they can also be recycled and used over and over again.

How do you decide which brands to stock?

We have a really important process of ensuring their practices align with ours. We’ve simplified this using a badging system – read more about this here.

My order is faulty, what do I do?

You can reach out to our friendly Customer Service Team here - make sure you have your order number on hand ready to help us provide you with a quick resolution.

I made an error on the address of my order!

The fastest way to contact us about address changes is via Messenger on the chat widget on this site (or via our Facebook page). Tell us your order number and the updated address in your message and we will do our best to fix this up for you!

My order hasn’t arrived… what do I do?

We’re always doing our best to get your order to you when expected, but if it’s been more than 3 business days since your order was expected to arrive please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us so we can investigate the delay for you and sort it out!

How can I get involved with The Someday Co?

We love hearing from brands who want to partner with us. Find out more and get in touch with us here – it means the world to us.