About Us

The Someday Co. is Australia's home of sustainable apparel in surf, swim, activewear and accessories. We're a collective of brands who are all doing great things for our planet - we've done the research for you. Finally, you can find brands who care more about the ocean and our earth all in one easy online destination. 

Our mission is to someday rid the world of ocean plastic and see a cleaner ocean future for generations to come. As well as supporting like minded brands and bringing their products to more consumers - we also:

  • Donate 1% of all sales to ocean based charities 
  • Participate in ocean clean up initiatives regularly - along with our brands, charity partners, and followers.
  • Educate all Aussies - especially kids - on the importance of cleaning up our oceans and all the little things we can all do to make a difference. 

Every purchase you make helps to take plastic out of our oceans and supports our mission towards a cleaner planet. Many of our brand's products made from recycled ocean plastic - fishing nets, bottles, or waste.

We believe change can start with a ripple - millions of caring individuals on the same mission can truly make waves.