What is the Difference Between Men’s Boardshorts and Swimshorts?

What is the Difference Between Men’s Boardshorts and Swimshorts?

It is understandable to be confused about the difference between mens boardshorts and swimshorts. These are two of the most popular styles of swimwear for men and we have written a blog post detailing the difference between men's boardshorts and swimshorts. Continue reading to gain a comprehensive understanding of the differences and features of both. 

Key Features of Men’s Boardshorts


  • Length: The length of boardshorts can vary however they typically reach just above or below the knee. They commonly have a longer and looser fit than typical swimshorts. 

  • Waistband: Boardshorts traditionally feature a non-stretch waistband with a lace-up tie which is shown in this pair by Riz Boardshorts.

  • Material: Boardshorts are made from quick-drying, light fabrics. Often they contain a 4-way stretch material to give the wearer maximum movement and motion. That is why they are perfect for strenuous water activities such as surfing and wakeboarding. 


      Key Features of Men’s Swimshorts

      • Length: Typically mens swimshorts are shorter and feature a tighter fit than boardshorts. Commonly they end just above the knee and sometimes even on the mid-thigh. 
      • Waistband: Often the waistband is elastic with a drawstring. This gives the wearer a tighter and more secure fit. However, some brands include a more fitted waist with a button clasp for their swimshort design. As seen in the brand The Tropics the swimshorts feature a snug-fitting waistband.  
      • Material: Swimshorts are often made from materials with lots of stretch such as spandex or lycra. They allow lots of movement because they are shorter than typical boardshorts. 
      • Usage: Swimshorts come in a wide range of different colours and patterns. This means that they can go with any outfit and are designed to go from the beach to the bar and back again. 
      • Pockets: Depending on the brand, different pocket styles will be included. This might include zip pockets, stud fastening or even hidden key loops. The Tropics has designed swimshorts that feature both a zipper pocket on the sides and a back pocket with a button flap. 
      • Mesh Lining: This is a common feature in mens swimshorts however every brand will differ. Mesh lining offers additional support and comfort for the wearer. 

      Why Choose Sustainable Mens Swimshorts or Boardshorts? 

      When selecting eco-friendly mens swimming shorts there are many advantages for both the wearer and the planet:

      1. Sustainable Materials: Eco swimwear is created from eco-friendly materials that have a reduced impact on the environment. Commonly recycled polyester is used when making eco boardshorts and eco swimshorts. This fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles. This process removes waste from the environment and creates a sustainable fabric in the process. 
      2. Reduced Carbon Footprint: Ethical and sustainable manufacturing techniques are often utilised in the production of sustainable swimwear. These include reduced water and energy consumption, the usage of renewable energy sources and the recycling of waste products. This lessens the overall carbon footprint related to the product.
      3. Better Quality: High-quality materials, which last longer and can endure harsh environments are frequently used to make sustainable swimwear. Due to the extended wear time, the eco boardshorts will have a smaller environmental impact.
      4. Supporting Ethical Brands: By deciding to choose environmentally and socially responsible swimwear, you can show your support for ethical and responsible brands. These brands often support environmental charities and your purchase goes a long way to contributing to systemic environmental change. At The Someday Co, we donate 1% to support charities that support our mission of riding the world of ocean plastic. 

      The Best Men's Sustainable Boardshorts and Swimshort Brands

      We love to support independent local Australian swimwear brands. At the Someday Co we aim to make shopping sustainably easy by having all eco-friendly swimwear, surfwear and activewear brands, in one place. For mens swimshorts and boardshorts look no further than:

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