How to choose a women's surfsuit

How to choose a women's surfsuit

How to choose a women’s surfsuit?

Selecting the correct women’s surfsuit can be difficult at times. By considering different factors it  will assist you in making the right purchase for your needs. These include sun protection, warmth, sustainability, design features, and many more.

What is a surfsuit?

A surfsuit is typically a women's long-sleeved one-piece swimwear made for surfers or other watersport enthusiasts. Often they can be made from a thicker neoprene-style material or from a thinner swimwear material for summer adventures. Surfsuits are made for performance and to protect your skin from the elements.

How to choose the best surfsuit?

Depending on which climate you require the surfsuit for, this will assist you in deciding which option is best for your needs. If sun protection is your number one consideration then a full-coverage surfsuit is recommended to prevent the UV rays from hitting you.

For cooler climates, a thicker material should be considered. Many surf suits for women have different features around the legs, some styles include a cheeky cut or boyleg shorts. Whichever design makes you feel the most confident in the water is the surfsuit that you should select.

Key features of a surfsuit

You need to be aware of the many different features of a surfsuit before purchasing.

Sleeve length

Long sleeve surf suits are common however some surfsuits have short sleeves or even tank top styles sleeves. Depending on the performance that you require from your surfwear this can be an important factor to consider. If UV protection is important for you then consider a long-sleeved surf suit.

Pocket designs

A selection of surf suits for women contain small, hidden pockets that can be used to store keys while out in the water.

Leg design

Surfsuits vary in their leg designs. Some feature a longer boyleg design which looks very similar to hot pants or bike shorts. However, other designs feature a cheeky cut which can be very flattering.

Open back design

This design feature most commonly provides the wearer with easier paddling, however, make sure to remember to sunscreen your back otherwise you will have a very interesting tan line.

Choice of materials

Depending on the climate the material of your surfsuit is crucial. A thicker neoprene-style material will be beneficial for cooler climates or for long periods of time spent in the water. However, a thinner material made from sustainable materials is ideal for summer surfing. Some fabrics provide UPF+50 sun protection and are chlorine resistant.

The difference between a one-piece swimsuit and a surfsuit

Typically a one-piece swimsuit has short sleeves, an open back and a bikini-cut bottom. One of the key differences is that a surfsuit provides additional sun protection by having long sleeves. Commonly surf suits for women come in a wider range of different materials and thicknesses, unlike one-piece swimsuits. This allows the surfer to find their perfect option.

Where to buy a surfsuit?

At the Someday Co, we sell only Australian independent brands that make the highest quality women’s sustainable surfsuits. These independent brands only use eco-friendly materials in their sustainable surfwear.

Brands that we love to support include:

  • Ocean Flo
  • Soulti Surf
  • Salt Gypsy
  • Ocean Soul Bali

Why buy a surfsuit made from recycled materials?

It is important to purchase eco-friendly surfsuits because the materials are made from recycled materials such as Econyl. This fabric is made from 100% regenerated nylon yarn which is made from recycled fishing nets. Other fabrics used in sustainable surfwear include recycled Italian Vita Xtra Life and Recycled Acetex Repreve.

Traditional materials used in women's sustainable surfsuits include nylon and polyester which are made from petrochemicals and are non-biodegradable. By choosing sustainable materials, waste is reduced through the recycling process. The carbon footprint of the item is lowered and the purchase supports sustainable practices.

If you love the ocean, you may be aware of how important it is to have the proper gear. But what if you could have a surfsuit that not only met your functional needs but also aligned with your values?

So, if you're in the market for a new surfsuit, consider buying from The Someday Co. You'll not only get a functional and stylish product, but you'll also be making a positive impact on the planet. Don't wait, take action now and check out our surfsuit catalogue today!


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