What Is Sustainable Swimwear?

What Is Sustainable Swimwear?

What Is Sustainable Swimwear?

Sustainable swimwear is the hot new item in everyone’s sustainable wardrobe. Swimwear is a must-have for summer down under yet your traditional swimwear could be the most polluting item in your closet.

Not only is the fabric in swimwear, not eco-friendly, the conditions used for manufacturing are often considered to be modern-day slavery. The impacts of these unethical practices are having negative effects on both humans and the ecosystems surrounding the factories.

The fashion industry produces 10% of all the carbon emissions and is the second-largest consumer of the world’s water supply. Throwaway culture and fast fashion mean that the industry is creating new designs to meet the increasing demand. Unfortunately, the majority of swimwear that is sold by fast fashion labels is made from synthetic fibres which are created from fossil fuels. Thus the carbon footprint of a bikini is a lot larger than anyone could imagine.

What Exactly Is Sustainable Swimwear?

Unlike fast fashion, sustainable swimwear is created from low-impact materials by manufacturers that are paid a fair living wage in safe conditions. The materials are often recycled fabrics that convert plastic waste such as plastic bottles or fishing nets into fabrics. Some brands utilise material cut-offs to reduce stock wastage.

Many slow fashion swimwear labels use a circular economy process throughout their manufacturing process. Eco-friendly production is utilised and renewable energy cuts down on the emissions that are used during this process. Brands will often work with charities or non-profit organisations to give back to the local communities. These value-driven companies are not driven by making a profit, they also want to make a difference for their community and for the environment.

The Issue With Traditional Swimwear?

Synthetic fabrics are suited to creating swimwear because they are inexpensive and versatile. These fabrics include nylon, polyester and spandex and they all contain moisture-wicking properties and stretch across the body. One of the main issues is that because they are made from plastic-based materials they are not biodegradable and will never decompose.

The next best option is recycled plastic fabrics rather than fabrics made from virgin plastics. There are ways to dispose of these recycled fabrics in a sustainable manner, so while there is currently no perfect solution for synthetic fabrics, this fabric can be recycled infinitely.

Why Choose Sustainable Swimwear?

Learning to live a more sustainable and conscious life can sometimes feel like an educational overload and balancing our fashion interests and sustainable life choices can be difficult. Sustainable swimwear is here to make your summers a bit more eco-conscious.

Supporting businesses that are producing sustainable items reinforces their vision for the future. It supports the workers and factories that provide liveable working conditions. You will be contributing to the circular economy by diverting plastic waste from landfills and reusing it in fabrics.

How To Avoid Swimwear Greenwashing?

Some fast fashion brands are using sustainability as a trend now. These brands often release sustainable lines made from recycled fabrics. Yet, don’t be fooled by their clever greenwashing and marketing claims. Read their product descriptions and see what percentage of recycled fabrics are being utilised in the garment.

Even if a fast-fashion retailer is promoting sustainability they are still a huge part of the issue. One line of ‘sustainable’ clothing does not make up for the millions of items created that cause devastating pollution.

How To Find Sustainable Swimwear?

If you are looking for Australia’s most trustworthy range of sustainable swimwear then look no further than The Someday Co. We are Australia’s home of sustainable swimwear and are a collective of brands who are all doing great things for our planet. Here you will find brands who care more about the ocean and our earth, all in one easy online destination.


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