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Make a Splash in Style: The Hottest Women's Surf Bikinis of the Season

Surfing is not only a thrilling sport, but it is also a way to show off one's sense of style. Finding the perfect surf bikini that blends usability, comfort, and style is crucial for female surfers. This season, we are searching for the hottest sustainable surfwear that not only makes you feel great but perform the best in the ocean.

At The Someday Co, we only feature brands in our extensive swimwear shop that have sustainability at the core of their value. We'll look at the hottest women's surf bikinis in this blog post so you may look great and feel confident while shredding up the waves.

What Features to look for in a Surf Bikini

Supportive Features: Sporty bikinis are the go-to option for active surfers who desire comfort and support without sacrificing style. For the top, a racerback or fixed strap style is ideal. It must also be made of high-quality fabrics that offer exceptional stretch and durability.

  • The Kailani Top by Soulti Surf is reversible, so you get two designs for the price of one. This top features adjustable straps and moderate coverage to avoid unnecessary slipping while surfing.
  • High-waisted wetsuit briefs from Atmosea are made from 2mm Japanese Yamamoto to keep you warm and flexible and provide rash protection. These are perfect for adding cushion to your hip bones and can be worn with a jacket for cooler weather surfs.
  • The Two Piece Top by Soulti Surf features thick and fixed straps are optimal for reducing unwanted movement in the water. The broad chest and side coverage aim to keep everything covered and protected.

Minimalist style: Many sleek and stylish surf bikinis exude simplicity and elegance if you prefer a minimalist look. Choose simple hues and delicate designs in timeless silhouettes that highlight a refined silhouette and clean lines. This means that there are fewer things to go wrong in the water, allowing you to focus more on your surfing.

  • For minimalist styling, the high waist cut of the Lady Bottoms by Soulti Surf comes in a reversible style which means that you can decide which colour option you want to rock on that day.
  • The brand Salt Gypsy features simple high-waisted surf shorts and crop tops that will stay on under any wave conditions. There will be no slip-ups in these sustainable surf bikinis. Look out for their turtleneck rashguards that match the rest of the surf bikini.
  • The Surf Shorties from Soulti Surf feature a high elastic waistband for a firm fit. The coverage over the bum reduces the chance of them slipping off.

Sun Safety: If sun protection is a primary issue for you, consider choosing a surf bikini with a high neckline or long sleeves. Long surfing sessions are perfect for these designs since they provide extra coverage and protect your skin from UV rays. Many sustainable brands have created stylish long-sleeved rashvests that come in a fantastic array of different designs and patterns.

Sustainable Fashion: Consider buying a surf bikini made of eco-friendly materials if you're concerned about the environment and want to make a mindful decision. Sustainable surf bikinis are often constructed from recycled materials such as Econyl, which is a 100% regenerated polyamide fibre from post-consumer materials. Made from recycled fishing nets. Sustainable surfwear offers the same level of design, comfort, and performance as traditional choices while minimising the negative environmental impact.

Discover the ideal bikini that improves your performance and displays your individual style by taking a look at our extensive swimwear shop. Always keep in mind that the hottest surf bikini is the one that gives you confidence and makes you feel like you can take on the surf with a smile on your face. We also have an entire collection of sustainable womens surfsuits and rashvests that are ideal for added sun protection.

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