Choose Green Sunscreen

Choose Green Sunscreen

What you put on your skin at the beach can make the biggest difference to our environment – here’s why.


A lot of ocean lovers don’t realise that it’s actually sunscreen that is one of the biggest threats to our reefs and oceans. Chemicals from common sunscreens like oxybenzone can seep into the water, where they’re rapidly absorbed by corals. These substances contain nanoparticles that can disrupt coral’s reproduction and growth cycles, ultimately leading to bleaching, and has detrimental impact on the future health of our reefs.


Even if it’s not washed off directly into the ocean when swimming, surfing or snorkelling - it can go down drains when you shower and end up there anyway. Aerosol versions of sunscreen might seem like a convenience, but they can easily allow large amounts of the product onto the sand, where it gets washed into the ocean.


So, it is one of the most important beach essentials decisions to make - but there’s many solutions. Read labels - look for sunscreens that are made with more natural ingredients, particularly with no oxybenzone. Check out the environmental working group's assessment of impact against all spf products, and use your outfit as protection – always wear a hat, shirt, surfsuit etc.


Millions of caring humans making small changes like this will lead to our beautiful reefs being around for years to come.


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