Why Choose Sustainable Men’s Swimshorts?

Why Choose Sustainable Men’s Swimshorts?

Men’s swimshorts are a popular style of swimwear for men who want to enjoy their time in the water. They are a fantastic option for anyone wanting to take part in a range of different activities including swimming, surfing and beach games.

Men's Swimshorts - What Are They?

Men's swimming shorts are a style of shorts made especially for the water. They are often created from comfortable, lightweight and quick-drying materials. Swimshorts often include a drawstring and an elastic waistband for a more customised fit. They commonly come in a variety of different styles and patterns.

Why Choose Swimshorts?

Men's swimshorts are a fantastic option for several factors. First off, they are perfect for water-based activities because they are fast drying and easy to move around in. Secondly, mens swimshorts are available in various designs, patterns, and colours, so you will be able to choose a pair that compliments your style.

Men's swimshorts are excellent choices for a variety of activities. They are suitable to be worn during activities outside of the water as well. These can include playing beach volleyball or going for a jog. Additionally, you can include them in your summer wardrobe and wear them to the beach and bar and back again. 

Key Features of Mens Swimshorts

Men's swimshorts are available in a wide range of different styles and designs. There are a few common characteristics that are important to look out for:

  • Quick-dry fabric is important to avoid chafing and uncomfortableness. 
  • Often the designs feature a stretchy elastic waistband. However, a fitted drawstring is also a popular style by Riz Boardshorts. This gives a more snug fit.
  • Mesh net lining is a popular feature to provide additional comfort and support. However, brands such as The Tropics do not include mesh lining. This feature is often a personal preference. 
  • The length of the swimshort varies however most designs are between short and medium in their leg length. 
  • Pockets are a common feature and may include zips or stud fastening to secure your personal items. Swimshorts by The Tropics feature both a zipper pocket on the sides and back pocket with a button flap. 


Why are Sustainable Swimshorts Important?

For a number of reasons, investing in sustainable swim swimshorts is important. Eco swimshorts will be made from sustainable fabrics. This often includes recycled polyester which lessens environmental pollution and waste. Recycled fabrics are stronger and more resistant to tearing. This means that your sustainable swimshorts will last longer.

Traditional swimshorts are made from synthetic materials that take hundreds of years to decompose in landfills. These fabrics will never truly decompose and will leave microplastics in their wake. You can have a positive impact and create a more sustainable future by opting to purchase boardshorts made from recycled materials.

At Someday Co, we only sell sustainable brands that care for the planet. Our eco-friendly favourites include:


Key differences between swimshorts and boardshorts 

Men's swimshorts and boardshorts are both intended for use in the water, but they differ in a few important ways.

  1. Length: The length is one of the most obvious variations. Typically, swimshorts are between mid-thigh to just before the knee in length. This makes them shorter than boardshorts as they often end at the knee or below. 
  2. Material: Swimshorts are often comprised of quick-drying, lightweight 4-way stretch fabrics such as recycled polyester that make it easier to move around in the water. Traditionally boardshorts were constructed of heavier materials like cotton or canvas, however, modern boardshorts are made from the same fabrics as swimshorts.
  3. Waistband: Swimshorts often include an elastic waistband with a drawstring to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. A fixed waistband and lace-up closure which provides a tighter fit is more common to boardshorts. 
  4. Function: While both swimshorts and boardshorts are intended for use in the water, it comes down to personal preference as to which pair is best for your needs.

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