Why choose sustainable activewear or yoga wear?

Why choose sustainable activewear or yoga wear?

Yoga and activewear that is created ethically and with the goal of reducing its negative environmental impact is referred to as sustainable. This can involve utilising environmentally friendly materials like organic cotton, recycled polyester, and/or bamboo as well as sustainable production techniques including lowering water use, minimising waste, and utilising renewable energy sources.

Yoga and activewear made from sustainable materials are important purchases since they lessen the damaging effects of the fashion industry on the environment. Customers can show where their values lie by supporting businesses that prioritise ecological and ethical practices by purchasing eco-friendly activewear and yoga wear.

The difference between sustainable and traditional activewear and yoga wear

There are various ways in which sustainable activewear and yoga wear differ from conventional apparel. We have detailed a few key differences below which are important to consider before you make your next purchase.

  1. Materials: Eco-friendly fabrics such as ECONYL, organic cotton, recycled polyester, or Amni Soul Eco are used to make sustainable activewear and yoga clothing. These are used instead of synthetic fibres such as nylon, polyester, or spandex.
  2. Production: Ethical and sustainable production techniques, such as minimising waste and utilising renewable energy sources, are often used to manufacture sustainable yoga wear and yoga wear. However, traditional production techniques that might be used for traditional items may be resource-intensive and have a negative impact on the environment.
  3. Durability: With an emphasis on quality over quantity, eco activewear and yoga wear are frequently built to last longer. These garments are made to be more robust and long-lasting. Fast fashion especially focuses on quantity over quality and does not care about the longevity of the item.
  4. Social impact: Fair labour practices are used to make sustainable sportswear and eco yoga wear. These practices guarantee that employees are paid a living wage and are given a safe and healthy working environment. Often traditional garments may not prioritise workers' safety and may contribute to worker exploitation.

Different Sustainable Activewear and Yoga Wear Materials and Fabrics

  • Recycled Lycra: This fabric has the same properties as traditional lycra however it is made from recycled plastic water bottles. The fabric is thick, soft and luxurious.
  • ECONYL: Which is a recycled nylon that is 100% regenerated polyamide yarn made from pre and post-consumer nylon waste materials. This fabric is utilised in the Salt Gypsy range of Surf Crop Tops.
  • Amni Soul Eco: 90% polyamide and 10% spandex. Utilised in the brand, Liquido Active range of eco leggings.
  • Sustainable printing techniques: The printing technique uses the sustainable and eco-friendly printing techniques available. Minimal energy and produces zero waste wastewater. The inks used are Eco Passport.

Key Features of Activewear and Yoga Wear

Both activewear and yoga wear come in a wide range of different styles and these all contain a range of interesting key features.

  • Crop Tops: Showcasing a stylish open-back design with criss-cross straps. Crop tops come with removable bra cups and thick underbust support to provide both style and function. Crop tops can be worn both to the gym, in the ocean or by themselves for a great option during the summer months.
  • Gym Shorts: Featuring a high waistline, 5-inch seam, UPF50+ for added sun protection, and a seamless front area that avoids unnecessary camel toes and pockets on each side.
  • Bicycle Shorts: With a longer inseam than any other exercise short this is to prevent chaffing and provide maximum comfort. With a sleek minimal design, the Skala Activewear Bicycle Shorts come in a range of different colours and patterns.
  • Leggings: The signature 7/8 length leggings combine performance and a complimentary silhouette. Suitable for all fits from athletic to curvy while providing comfort and superior breathability and support. Featuring both biodegradable materials and UV50+ these versatile leggings can do it all.
  • Sports Bra: Featuring a flattering feminine open-back design but still provides supportive straps. Sports bras can provide support, function and style all at the same time. Often including removable padding, thick underbust support and thick shoulder straps, these bras can be worn both as a bikini top or when hitting the gym.
  • Lifting Shorts: These shorts feature tight moisture-wicking fabrics that are made from Lycra which is made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles. With a shorter inseam than gym shorts and often no pockets these shorts are designed to allow you to perform the best when lifting weights.
  • Surf Crop: A simple crop top that is designed to be styled with bikini bottoms, bike shorts or even long pants. These fashionable crop tops are quick drying and can take you from the beach to the gym to a yoga class without having to change.
  • Sustainable Yoga Mats: These yoga mats are made from natural tree rubber and jute. This means that the sustainable yoga mats are fully biodegradable and non-slip. Due to the organic nature of the materials used to create the mats, the colour may vary. Odour control treatment is used on the mats to inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria.

Australian Sustainable Activewear and Yoga Brands

At The Someday Co, we love to support independent sustainable Australian brands. By supporting the local economy and local communities we are giving back to the owners directly instead of a large multinational.

Our favourite Aussie eco activewear and Yoga brands include:

Are you passionate about supporting Australian independent brands and making a positive impact on our planet? Look no further than The Someday Co, your ultimate destination for sustainable Australian activewear and yoga wear.

By choosing The Someday Co, you become a part of something bigger. We are committed to ridding the world of ocean plastic, and we support charities that share our mission. With every purchase you make, we donate 1% to these incredible organisations.

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Join us in shaping a future where style and function meet sustainability. Explore our curated collection of eco-friendly brands and feel good about your choices. Together, we can make a difference and create a better world for generations to come.


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