Surf's Up, Ladies! The Best Surfsuits for Women Who Love to Ride the Waves

Surf's Up, Ladies! The Best Surfsuits for Women Who Love to Ride the Waves

We have something special in store for adventurous women who love to surf. Look no further than the hottest trends and must-have surfsuits that are showcased here on The Someday Co.

If you enjoy riding the waves but want to do it in style and comfort then we have it all. However, with so many different options available we will delve into the current trends and styles to make your days surfing unforgettable.


Surfsuits for Women

Being a surfer is more than just catching waves, in our opinion it's a way of life, an attitude, and a passion. Due to this, we have put together a gorgeous selection of women’s surfsuits that will enhance and empower your surfing.

1. The Classic Short-Sleeved Surfsuit

The traditional surfsuit for women is the go-to option for those who want to combine both style and functionality. They are made from high quality fabrics and with meticulous attention to detail. These surfsuits will stay in place while you are busy surfing so you won't have to worry about losing your bikini in a big wave.

● Ocean Flo offers many different colours and designs for their short-sleeved surfsuits. With a flattering cheeky cut design or a boyleg design, there is an option that suits your taste and wants. Their designs also feature an open back for extra flexibility while paddling.

●The brand Soulti Surf has designed a women's surfsuit that is sleeveless with an open back but thick straps for stability. The wide bum allows for full coverage and it looks so stylish in the water.

Ocean Soul Bali has created a chic, athletic surfsuit that features a full zip at the front so you can adjust the look and feel of the surfsuit.


2. Long-Sleeved Surfsuits

Are you looking for additional sun protection and/or warmth without compromising on style? Our long-sleeved surfsuits provide additional UV protection while looking stylish while out in the surf. Spend more time surfing without having to worry about sunscreen with a long-sleeved surfsuit.

● Soulti Surf has a long-sleeved surfsuit that has an open back to make paddling easy and features a functional design for active surfers, with both plain or floral designs available. If you are looking for a surfsuit with an enclosed back and front zip the Seal Suit is for you.

● Brand Ocean Flo has a large collection of different colours for their long-sleeved surf suits, with both boyleg and cheeky cut options. There is a design and colour option that will suit your taste and style.

● The full-coverage surfsuit by Ocean Soul Bali provides surfers with function and style and is especially designed for the female figure.


3. Cheerful Prints and Patterns

Surf suits for women with fun patterns and eye-catching prints allow you to show off your uniqueness and personality. Our favourite brands include something for everyone’s taste and style. So why not make a statement while you are out shredding the waves?

● The Together Surfsuit by CEACEA features a print collaboration with Aboriginal artist Rhyia Dank.  The surfsuit includes a high leg, medium bum coverage and full sleeves with a zip up front.

●Soulti Surf’s surfsuits feature retro-inspired floral designs in bright colours including pink and yellow tones.

● Ocean Flo’s designs feature both colour and pattern blocking in their surfsuit designs. This unique styling sets this brand apart. The designs come in a range of different short-sleeved and long-sleeved styles.

The range of surfsuit for women from The Someday Co represents the wearers' passion for exploration, bonding with the ocean, and the desire to surf in style.

Ladies, prepare to make a splash with our newest surfsuit styles by donning only the best gear. It will make you feel more confident both in and out of the water.


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