The increase in global clothing production in recent years has meant that now more than half of fast fashion items are thrown away in less than a year after being purchased. In one year alone, greenhouse gas emissions from textiles production globally is equivalent to more than the emissions of all international flights and maritime shipping combined.

On top of the production and throw-away issues, less than 1% of the material used to produce clothing globally is recycled into new clothing, and just 12% is recycled into other products such as insulation or mattress stuffing.

BUT – we’re heading in the right direction. In 2018, a third of consumers bought clothing once a month, down from 37% in 2016, while those buying every two or three months or less rose from 64% to 67%, according to research from Mintel.

We’re starting to choose quality over quantity.

Consumers are also starting to prefer to buy clothing from companies trying to reduce their impact on the environment, and are becoming increasingly aware of the footprint their purchase habits make. Consumers are more interested than ever in knowing where their products come from, how they’re made, and how they get to them.

Massive change is afoot, and we’re proud to be helping to propel this positive momentum. Every purchase you make, in any category, is a vote with your wallet for the type of future you want for the planet. Make yours count.