Men's Stretchy Trunks: Quok-Star
Men's Stretchy Trunks: Quok-Star
Men's Stretchy Trunks: Quok-Star

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Men's Stretchy Trunks: Quok-Star



Western Australia's most adored celebrities, our Quokkas rock vintage sunglasses and coastal pigface flowers, and smile out from a Rottnest-waters-blue background. Faint maps of Rottnest Island set these adorable creatures in our beloved West Australian homeland, and starfish silhouettes remind us that no matter who is taking a quokka selfie, it's these guys that are the true stars of the show.

These mid-length swim shorts lengthen your legs and show off your quads, and the elastic waistband with contrasting orange drawstring enables as comfortable fit whilst flattering your mid-section, creating a relaxed 50's-style silhouette. Our quality, soft,  4-way stretch fabric makes them super-duper comfy, perfect for all manner of water sports, or simply strutting your stuff on the sand.

Semi-mesh side pockets enable water to drain quickly, and a subtle back pocket with drainage grommet, concealed zip and key loop is perfect for keeping your valuables secure while you're in the surf.

Lightweight and extremely fast drying, our Men's Stretchy Trunks are vibrant, colourful, and fun summer shorts - equally awesome in the water and on dry land.

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