Aurelia | Green Eco Bikini Bottom
Aurelia | Green Eco Bikini Bottom

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Aurelia | Green Eco Bikini Bottom



Flattering, high cut, Brazilian bikini bottoms


The Aurelia | Green Eco Bikini Bottom by Styelle Designer Brazilian Bikinis are made from luxury, biodegradable fabric and toxin free. Its an easy fit with its adjustable tie sides.Styelle Brazilian bikini bottoms are designed to  enhance your figure using quality materials that are made to last.  The Aurelia Brazilian bikini is available in a range of vibrant colours that compliments your tan plus looks and feels luxurious.  This is a bikini you'll love!

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made in Brazil ethically sourced

First of all, what does it mean to be ethically sourced in the fashion world?

Well, it can mean many different things to different companies as it is such a broad term. To our founder, Charys Caldarella, it means that we ensure no child slave labour all the way from fabrication to cutting and to distribution. Also, it means the seamstresses have a clean and safe working environment with fair pay and decent working hours. They are not fired for things like being pregnant like some of the larger, cheaper companies. When you pay that little extra at checkout with Styelle, know that you are making a difference in the world…

Did you know Brazilian bikinis suit any body type?

It's true! Especially in a Styelle designed Brazilian bikini.  The reason is whether you are slim or not they are designed to accentuate the beautiful female curves that quite frankly, an extra meter of fabric will not hide.  We challenge you to embrace your body and enjoy the quality and fit that Styelle provide, whilst knowing you are purchasing ethically source swimwear.

Not sure on what bikini to buy?

We can help, we understand female bodies and can advise on what bikini is best design for you. 


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