All of our carefully selected partner brands adhere to the basic foundation of being a brand which is better for the planet – in production, logistics and behaviour.
Part of our onboarding process ensures that our partners satisfy multiple points across the spectrum of sustainability – in the form of our five developed badges. You’ll see these referenced throughout the site to give you an idea, at a glance, what that particular brand is all about.


Materials used to produce their goods –recycled / upcycled / biodegradable / organic.


Thoroughly reduced carbon footprint in logistics and supply chain or water usage in production

Furry Friends

Animal welfare in production - ensuring absolutely no animal testing or harm during manufacturing and research

Giving back

Reciprocal approach to business – actively giving back to the environment in monetary ways or other (e.g. planting trees)

Fair Trade

Ethically made by either supporting entire communities and/or produced under complete fair working conditions, regardless of the country of origin